Ten Step Plan to Taking on an Apprentice

Proper Planning Will Minimise Risks

The Apprenticeship Team at Accoria put their heads together to focus on the simple steps to take if you are thinking about employing Apprentices.

Use this 10 step plan as a guide to decide if an apprenticeship is right for your organisation and how to ensure you get the best person to suit your team

1 – Focus on Your Organisations Current and Future Needs

There are a number of benefits to an employer investing in an Apprenticeship scheme. The real results will be seen in the long term, so it is important for the focus to be on training people in skills that may be lacking in the market.

2 – Reduce Your Costs

Accoria can advertise your vacancy and shortlist applicants based on your requirements at no cost to your organisation. Not only is this process hassle free for you as an employer, but it also reduces the overall costs to your business through saving time.

3 – The Right Candidate

It is important to select the right candidate, knowing that through progression within the company one day they could end up running it. Think about the type of candidate that will help take the business forward and base your selection around this. Look for candidates that have researched the market as well as your business, are willing to take on responsibility and know why they want to work for you.

4 – Expectations and Support

At the start of the Apprenticeship set out your expectations both academically and on the job. Make sure the Apprentice is fully aware of their responsibilities and where and who to go to should they have any questions. By failing to take an interest in your Apprentice you could risk losing them and your investment. Take an interest in them and provide them with the right mentors and encourage Apprentices to share their experiences.

5 – Technology

As well as making sure the Apprentice learns the skills that work best for your business, remember they can also help you to develop the specialist skills you need to drive the business forward and keep up to date with the latest technology.

6 – Motivate Your Apprentice

Throughout the Apprenticeship give the Apprentice different activities and modules to concentrate on and give them the opportunity to work within different areas of the business. Apprentices tend to be motivated and eager and by investing time in them you will be continuing to give them reasons to want to work for your business.

7 – Rights and Responsibilities

Ensure Apprentices have the same rights and responsibilities as other employees in the business and are not considered as an option for ‘cheap labour’. In the current economic climate it is difficult to predict where the business will be towards the end of the Apprentices programme. Letting an apprentice go at the end of their training sends a poor message about how your business values it’s people; it’s a two way investment of time and commitment.

8 – Evaluate

Evaluation throughout the Apprenticeship is vital for both parties. By setting objectives and evaluating, the Apprentice feels a sense of achievement and motivated about their overall goals. You can ensure they are learning the skills the business requires and identify any areas where additional support may be required.

9 – You Know Your Business

Regular visits from an Assessor at Accoria will provide the Apprentice with an additional support network. As an expert of your business, it is important for you to be a part of this to ensure the Apprentices learning incorporates your business needs.

10 – Finally, Don’t Stop!

It is important for the business to continue to offer training and ensure employees are inspired, eager and happy. By continuing to offer training following the completion of an Apprenticeship and by monitoring the work they are contributing you will see a positive return on your investment.

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