Student Retention Services


Student Retention Services-2Here at Accoria we offer a programme of activities to universities and FE institutions to improve student retention; as well as to promote student integration with their academic mentors and peers.

Building upon our success within the corporate training and team building field, the bespoke package we offer to colleges and universities is designed to benefit both the pupils and staff. The carefully designed activities are intended to challenge, give a sense of belonging, develop interpersonal skills and encourage engagement with the curriculum.

The range of experiences we can arrange offer allows staff and students to engage with each other in a totally different environment. The activities and challenges help attendees to acquire new fundamental skills and gain mutual respect. It nurtures collaboration within the group and individuals learn how to better support one another. Lecturers are perceived as more approachable by their students afterwards, and it aids students in helping them to feel like they belong. The benefits are endless and the results apparent, not least in that the students have a renewed sense of vigour and enthusiasm for learning.

Research clearly shows that an involvement in both the social and educational aspects of university life does inspire and motivate scholars. Our strength is that we understand that student retention hinges on not just one, but a few key factors. Student integration with both co learners and staff is the key to success in university life.

Accoria’s sole purpose is to help you succeed with your student retention plan. We can develop a tailored programme should you require where learners and staff can work collaboratively on academic projects, as well as being able to participate in the development activities and team building exercises we offer.

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