Classroom Based

online teacher trainingHere at Accoria our classroom training courses are designed to improve confidence and empower individuals. The expert tuition we offer will provide you with interview, leadership and management skills.

The dynamics of learning within a group for some can be intimidating, however it is proven to help develop and improve confidence. Classroom training courses are also ideal for those who are easily distracted and need regular interaction to keep them motivated.

The training we offer at Accoria incorporates: how to write the perfect CV, job search techniques, the capacity to be able to identify the roles are best suited to your abilities and the skills necessary to prove yourself at the interview stage. Additionally to this we help you secure a role that will meet your income expectations and we aid you in pinpointing vacancies within the geographical areas you prefer to work in.

At Accoria we help you with confidence issues by building on your strengths and abilities, whilst alleviating any negativity. We give you the confidence to overcome and confront any problems that may be holding you back in your career.

Accoria provide a range of classroom based improvement programmes, aimed at supporting people to develop all the skills they need to enter into employment.

In our experience those that falter, only need more support.

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