Accoria supplies Apprentice training, Apprentice recruitment and staff development on a national basis.

Working together with you enables us to ensure that recruiting an Apprentice into your workforce is a straightforward and issue-free process. Everything is taken care of from advertising the vacancy to conducting initial interviews, ensuring that only the best candidates reach you and your business.

You may also have identified existing employees who can benefit from joining an apprenticeship programme. By working together we will ensure that the candidate is on the right road to making a positive contribution to your organisation. We will support you – and your Apprentice – throughout the whole process so that your organisation gets the maximum benefit in the fastest possible time.

Our Apprenticeship Team are all accredited professionals so you can rest assured that quality and professionalism is at the heart of everything we do together.

In the event that we are unable meet your requirements we will help you to find other colleges and training providers who are able to.

Please contact us to discuss what frameworks are available or to discuss taking on an Apprentice